Working Principals

WG Patent gain power generetated from the Weight of a Structure floating on Waves, fore xample a boat.

The Power is trasmitted to WG Patent with a fix angle lever.

WG patent converts this Power into kinetic Power and store it in the fly wheels linked to alternators.

Power efficiency .

Electricity production is directly proportional to the Weight of the Floating Structure, to the lenght and the angle of the Lever

Digital Management

Software can fit Weights, lenght and angle of the lever to gain maximum power in any weather condition.


Opposite rotation of flywheels give floating stability and balancing to the whole Structure.

Winning Points


No need for Fix structures

No need for Fix structures due to portability

Low Environmental Impact

Very low Environmental Impact due to its portability

Wide range of working conditions

Very low installation and mainteinence costs

Very simple internal and external structure.